Full Time Night Shift Positions at West Meade Place

Currently hiring for night shift 7pm – 7am


This position is responsible for the assessment, implementation and maintenance of a wide variety of Respiratory Therapy techniques for the rehabilitation and maintenance of patients with all types of Respiratory conditions and/or diseases. Assume primary responsibility for all respiratory care modalities, including the supervision of Respiratory Therapists if applicable. Initiate and conduct therapeutic procedures, maintain patient records and select, assemble, check and operate equipment. The respiratory Therapist is supervised by the Respiratory Therapy Director and is responsible for providing appropriate customer service to the Administrator or the Director of the location being served.


  1. A graduate of a CoARC accredited AS, or BS Advanced Respiratory Practitioner Program
  2. Licensed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist or Presently Registry Eligible
  3. Registry Eligible must acquire Registered Licensure within 12 months from hire date
  4. Licensed in the State in which the Respiratory Therapist is practicing
  5. Certified in CPR through the American Heart Association


  1. Thorough knowledge of the principles, theory and application of Respiratory Therapies including Mechanical Ventilation, Bipap, Cpap, Aerosol Therapies, Medical Gasses, Suction, Humidification, Percussion, Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing, Airway maintenance and Arterial Blood Gasses
  2. Read Prescription, Measure Arterial blood gasses and show ability to analyze data.
  3. Ability to interpret and adapt a physician’s written or oral directions and to suggest treatment programs and outline expected benefits regarding Respiratory Therapy Protocols
  4. Determine requirements for treatment, such as type, method and duration of therapy, precautions to be taken, and medication and dosages, compatible with physicians’ orders
  5. Ability to interpret and understand lab results, test results and x-rays as they pertain to cardiopulmonary status of patients and make suggestions appropriate for patients care
  6. Provide emergency care, including artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  7. Posses the initiative and judgment involved in evaluating, performing and maintaining Respiratory therapy services according to accepted standards of Respiratory Therapy according to the AARC and NBRC
  8. Maintain Patient Confidentiality


  1. Able to lift 20 to 30 lbs as needed
  2. Able to see and hear adequately in order to respond to auditory monitors as well as visual needs and clinical indication of the patients. Ability to communicate verbally is necessary
  3. Able to work on feet more than twelve hours when needed due to unforeseen circumstances


  1. Perform all aspects of Respiratory therapy services
  2. Provide Respiratory services in accordance with physician order, applicable state regulation or guidelines
  3. Perform Respiratory Therapy according to precautions, indications, and contraindications
  4. Complete documentation according to policy and procedure of the facility and applicable state, federal requirements
  5. Provide in-service training in areas of expertise as necessary
  6. Educate patients and their families about their conditions and teach appropriate disease management techniques, such as breathing exercises and the use of medications and respiratory equipment
  7. Monitor patient’s physiological responses to therapy, such as vital signs, arterial blood gasses, and blood chemistry changes, and consult with physician if adverse reactions occur
  8. Teach, train, supervise, and utilize the assistance of students
  9. Conduct tests such as Oximetry, Spirometry, and Electrocardiograms to evaluate patients’ cardiopulmonary functions
  10. Inspect, clean, test and maintain respiratory therapy equipment to ensure safety and efficiency of same equipment
  11. Maintain Patient Confidentiality
  12. Read Prescription, Measure Arterial blood gasses and show ability to analyze data
  13. Complete time/expense reports accurately and submit in a timely manner
  14. Submit Benefit Claim form as required for reimbursement
  15. Comply with Respiratory Therapy Departmental and Facility Policy and Procedures
  16. Maintain and update certification and Licensure as needed
  17. Provide Respiratory Therapy services in the most cost effective manner
  18. Resolve problems by using the appropriate chain of command
  19. Act in a manner which serves to represent HCSP’s professional, ethical, and quality standards

Ryan Stiles, BS-RRT
Director of Respiratory Therapy
West Meade Place
1000 Saint Luke Drive
Nashville, TN 37205