Industry Advisors

The TSRC has been lucky to have support from the industry side of our profession on a board capacity in an Industry Advisor capacity. Over the last 3-4 years we have had the pleasure of working with Carefusion, Trace Medical, and Provider Medical in this capacity. I would like to thank Carefusion and Trace Medical on behalf of the Board of Directors. Shaun Coppock, CEO of Provider Enterprise will stay on and we are please to announce two new companies that have been appointed to this position.

Breathe Easy Respiratory Solutions, INC – Breathe Easy is a disease management company caring for some of the sickest pulmonary patients across our state. Breathe Easy has a leadership team with expertise that is unprecedented in our industry. The leadership has past experience as CEO of huge companies like Proctor & Gamble, Healthcare Leadership executives with experience on various hospital Boards and fundraising committees, as well as very strong political ties. The TSRC is honored to welcome Breathe Easy to the Board of Directors in a Industrial Advisor Capacity.

Covidien has also agreed to accept this appointment through a Middle TN rep Melissa Begin, BS, CRT. Covidien is a leader in ventilation, monitoring, and disposable products that most of us use everyday. I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa in recent years and she is one of the most dedicated and passionate clinicians I have ever worked with. Melissa is going to be a true asset to growing our membership and fulfilling our mission of the TSRC. Melissa is a runner and even tried out for the olympics recently, why is this relevant? Well because raising awareness, changing a mindset, and advancing our profession is like a marathon, it takes time, persistence, and constant commitment.

both companies will have contact info online in the next few weeks.

Please Help me in welcoming and thanking Breathe Easy Respiratory Solutions and Covidien for joining our team.
And a big THANK YOU to Shaun Coppock, CEO at Provider Enterprise for his continued commitment to the TSRC and our profession!!!!