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  • Respiratory Care Program Director – Columbia State CC August 6, 2023

    Respiratory Care Program Director – 12 month Faculty – A full-time faculty is responsible for delivering instruction in various formats (on-line, in person, video-conferencing, or any combination of methods) in the discipline(s) for which she/he has been employed. Instruction may take place at any of the college’s campuses, at a clinical partner facility, or at a designated temporary location. Faculty also provide academic advising and facilitate student success. Technology tools are routinely used to communicate with and support students.

    Faculty participate in divisional and institutional activities related to the college’s mission, engage with communities of interest, and promote college programs.

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  • Clinical Applications Specialist in Digital Health (Respiratory) August 6, 2023

    Adherium is an international Respiratory eHealth company focused on patient adherence, remote monitoring, and data management solutions for patients, physicians, and payers. Adherium’s Hailie® sensor technology and cloud-based data platform enables physicians and payers to optimally manage patients with severe asthma and COPD and reduce direct and indirect healthcare costs.

    As the Clinical Applications Specialist (CAS), your role is crucial in serving as the product expert with clinical and technical knowledge for Adherium customers. You will serve as a bridge between the technical aspects of the product and the end users, ensuring smooth implementation, increased adoption, and overall customer satisfaction. Your expertise will be instrumental in resolving technical issues, addressing user inquiries, and ensuring a positive user experience for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

    Full Job Description: ADR Clinical Applications Specialist

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