TSRC at the 2023 AARC Congress

Prior to the 2023 AARC Congress, the TSRC facilitated a riverboat cruise for the AARC House of Delegates, and AARC officers on the General Jackson riverboat. Over 100 people participated in the cruise.

Highlights from the 2023 AARC Congress

More than 4,000 RT’s from across the country and around the world attended the 2023 AARC Congress in Nashville. The TSRC was provided a booth at the AARC Congress and we sold T-shirts, Lunch bags, Magnets, and Masks to raise money for our organization. Also two tickets to NASCAR Spring Nationals in Bristol, TN, were donated by the Northeast Chapter of the TSRC. Chances were purchased to win the tickets. An RT from San Diego won the tickets! He was very excited and thankful to the TSRC.

The AARC updated on compact licensure. The legislative template is being built for Michigan. Then others can use this to gain compact licensure for their states. This is about a two year process before it is operationalized.

Exhibit hall was amazing! Some of the vendors at Congress have agreed to come to our state conference and have a booth.

Sputum bowl winners were students from Collin College in Texas and the CEO of Aerogen awarded them with a trip to Ireland!!

Summer Forum will be held in Snowbird Utah July 14 – 16, 2024
AARC Congress will be held in Orlando, Florida Nov. 19 – 22, 2024

Georgia Respiratory Care Society had an escape room at the AARC congress to raise funds for their state society. The whole escape room was related to respiratory therapy.

It was a great Congress with lots of great information and knowledge shared. The Opryland Hotel was a beautiful venue for the AARC Congress!

AARC House of Delegates 1
AARC House of Delegates 2
AARC House of Delegates 3
TSRC Booth at AARC Congress
TSRC Booth at AARC Congress
TSRC Booth at AARC Congress
TSRC Booth at AARC Congress
New AARC Logo
Carl Hickson, AARC President
TSRC Booth at Congress1_600w
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